@aka_labs_ is recognizing contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem through NFTs.

To mint an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) NFT, users must prove that they've authored/co-authored an EIP.

For more information, please read on.


  1. Add your Ethereum address or ENS name to your Github bio (prefixed with eipnft: e.g. eipnft:0x000... or eipnft:ensName.eth). After minting, you'll receive your NFT to this address and also any royalties from future secondary sales (ERC2981 compliant NFTs). Here's an example bio for reference.
  2. Choose the EIP number.
  3. Choose the author.
  4. Press 'Mint', then follow the instructions on Metamask.
  5. View your NFT on OpenSea or in our Gallery.


Are you an author of a finalized EIP?

Please note:

If you've entered an email address as your contact information in the EIP then you'll not be able to mint immediately.

To remedy this, either raise a PR to change it to a github handle or email also.known.as.labs@gmail.com from the author email address with your Ethereum address.

Once approved, you'll be able to mint using the address sent via email.

Available on OpenSea